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Photos from Saturdays 630am shoot #minneapolis #toofaced #makeupforever #mac #kisslashes #mua #hair #garnier #redken #almay #hardcandy

I really wanted to love this mascara, I’ve followed the directions to a T, but all I see are clumps. I have a lot of lashes naturally and this makes them stick together and appear “spidery” as opposed to a full, thick, longer lash appearance. I can see how someone with very short lashes might benefit from this product, it’s just not for me. Bummer. #cherryblooms #fibrelash #mascara #review #mua #esthetician

St Patricks Day Makeup

New #haircut - thanks Christine for letting me copy you :)

Fuschia and wings…vanilla and taupe shadows from #smashbox
hibiscus #lipstick from #marykay tinted moisturizer from #nars taupe liquid liner from #thebodyshop #mascara from #lauragellar blush from #ulta concealer is glamoflage from #hardcandy

Coles Salon 35th party/Hair Show. I did makeup

Hey everyone! How  is your week?  I’m so pleased to share this guest blog post with you from the lovely Jen over at wonderfullyunkempt.  I’m thrilled she chose to talk about music/live music/bucket lists because a)music is near and dear to me, and b) I’ve been crossing some things off my bucket list as well.  (more to come on that!)

So without further ado, here’s Jen -

Hello new friends! I’m Jen and I blog over at And I am so excited to swap blogs with Amber today. I mostly write about my day to day happenings. I have an adorable almost 2 year old daughter and another girl due in June. I keep pretty busy. :)

I am going to share with you all about a recent accomplishment in my life. The completion of a list. A bucket list. I keep multiple lists. Seasonal ones of upcoming events I’m looking forward to. And I have a master Life List. I also have a Concert Bucket List.

My list was pretty short. Just 3 artists. Living in the Minneapolis area means we get most bands that tour. Plus we have a ton of great venues in the area. And I lucked out that all three came through town within a matter of months.

First was Bruno Mars. What a high energy show! It was nonstop dancing. I loved this concert so much! I hadn’t had a chance to listen to a ton of songs from his second album, but I hardly noticed if I didn’t know a song. If you are on the fence about seeing him live—DO IT!

Second on the list was Mumford & Sons. I know they have gotten a bad wrap lately for becoming too mainstream, but whatever. A good musician is a good musician, no matter how popular they become. This concert was far more chill then the Bruno concert. I really liked the vibe of the stage and the mix of faster songs with the slower ones. They are awesome live!

Last up was just a week or so ago. Mr. Justin Timberlake. My 15 year old self lost her mind. His show was kinda in between the two others. He has some dancy songs, but he also has a lot of ballad-y type songs too. JT definitely knows how to use the stage and engage the audience. His actual stage set up was massive. And it moved. So cool. I am so glad I got to see him live and in person.

Thanks for letting me share some of my musical obsessions with you!

Let me know who is on your must see list!

Practicing special effects makeup…melting skin and abrasions….gross but kinda cool

Boats, lovers key, cigars, an the Gulf of Mexico. Three more days in this heaven